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4M Production Music Library 4M Directions:

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Now over 12,000 premium tracks on 180 CDs

If true variety is important to you . . .
4M presents a unique and powerful synergy of 4 separately created yet very complimentary music library catalogs. More producers, more composers, more diversity of styles and performance. The result is far greater depth and variety than typically offered by the same number of CDs in a single music library.

4M production music libraries give you all this and more:
-- Fresh alternative to "same-sounding" CDs - four distinct yet complimentary library catalogs
-- Award winning musicians - including some of the top talent in the industry
-- Everything you need - for corporate, multimedia, and/or broadast production assignments
-- Authentic music - lots of live instruments and real players (solo to orchestral)
-- Current sounds - the latest styles, directions, and emerging genres
-- Full-service range - from classical, acoustic, and orchestral to the hottest edge
-- Comprehensive content - current catalog of over 11,000 music track on 166 CDs+
-- All lengths & versions - long-form themes, underscores, plus short-form 60s/30s/10s/05s
-- Growing catalog - new updates constantly expanding the total variety
-- Flexible Plans - get it all, or just what you need

Music for every production assignment
World-class music with an emphasis on contemporary edge: Metro Music Library
Distinctive themes and underscores with a focus on corporate: Manchester Music Library
Lots of energy, soul, and edge for broadcast retail and promo: Music Street Library
Rich, authentic, hot-to-cool broadcast retail and promo: MSE Library

Production music Library Logo
Ignite your imagination!   Grab and hold your audience wtih Metro Music
Long-form themes and underscores for video, film, broadcast, or multimedia
hear production music sample
Production music Library Logo
Distinguish your productions!   With the authenticity of Manchester Music
Long-form themes and underscores for video, film, broadcast, or multimedia
hear production music sample
Music Street production music Library
Need Fresh, Hip, Live?   Take a spin down Music Street
:60s & :30s For broadcast spot and promo production or multimedia
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4M Music Library CDs
4M Music Library CDs

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Total Music Coverage for every application:
Below are just some of the music genres and categories covered in the complete 4M Library catalog (and more is on the way!)

-- Action and Hi-Energy (14 CDs)
-- Americana & Historical (4 CDs)
-- Acoustic and Natural (8 CDs)
-- Adult Contemporary (10 CDs)
-- Atmospheres and New Age (5 CDs)
-- Big Band and Historical (2 CDs)
-- Blues and Country (6 CDs)
-- Classical (4 Cds)
-- Comedy & Lighthearted (4 Cds)
-- Corporate, Documentaryy (18 Cds)
-- Drama (5 Cds)
-- Jazz, Fusion, R&B (10 Cds)
-- News & Promo (3 Cds)
-- Orchestral (3 Cds)
-- Retail Spot focus (10 CDs)
-- Rock (10 CDs)
-- Sports & Action (10 CDs)
-- Techno, House, Edge (11 Cds)
-- Urban, Dance, Hip Hop (11 CDs)
-- Vocables (1 CD)
-- World & Latin (7 CDs)

Current Music Directions
The majority of music in 4M Libraries has been released in just the last 6 years. Even traditional and corporate styles have more of a fresh, updated feel. 4M equips you with a new generation sound, yet still give you a broad range and classic categories for every mood or client request.

Live Instruments and Real Players
Authenticity is a core value in the 4M library. Its consistent usage of real instruments and live players, from solo to full 72-piece Philharmonic Orchestra insures that your audio will stand out with class and richly textured sound.

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All Production Music and EFX Libraries:

4M Libraries on 100 CDs   Metro   Manchester   Music Street   MSE Edition  

Classical MasterWorks   Series 100   Series 200   Tune Ranch  

World Sounds   Production-Elements   Weddings  

Video/Film Focus     Broadcast Focus     Sound Effects

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Phone:   210-530-5200
FAX:   210-530-5230

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