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Music Library List
production music for video Production music Libraries: Video/Film Focus
The following production music libraries are ideal for any type of video/film/multimedia (or broadcast) productions requiring long-form themes and/or underscores (short-form edits are also included). These libraries also contain more CDs with music designed for corporate or documentary productions.

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4M Libraries on 179 CDs   Metro   Manchester   AV/Video Series 200
Classical MasterWorks   World Sounds   Weddings & Reflections  
Music Library Description

4M Music Library on 100 CDs

4M Libraries
If you're looking for lots of true variety, fresh current sounds, and a powerful range of styles in a full-service production music library, check out our 4M Library line-up on 179 CDs+. Featuring the combined catalog of the Metro, Manchester, Music Street, and MSE libraries, 4M
  • Over 12,000 tracks on 179 CDs+
  • Long-form themes, underscores, :60s, :30s, :10s
  • Available with a Annual License.

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  • Manchester Production Music Library

    The Manchester Music Library
    One of the most distinctive production music libraries available anywhere. Scoring by noted composer John Manchester and other top American and European writers. Excellent for contemporary corporate and broadcast applications.
  • Over 3,200 tracks on 46 CDs + updates
  • Long-form themes + :60s, :30s, :10s
  • Available with an Annual License, or Lifetime License.

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  • Classical Masterworks Production Music

    Classical MasterWorks
    Music from the greatest composers of all times is featured on this double CD set. Recorded in Europe featuring virtuoso instrumentalists and full Philharmonic Orchestras.
  • 122 Classical themes on 2 CDs
  • Available with an Annual License, or Lifetime License.

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  • Metro Production Music Catalog

    The Metro Music Library
    In a word, METRO is - hot! World-class, network-broadcast quality; a unique no-holds barred approach for a unique, infectious sound. Growing full-service catalog covers everything from orchestral to the hottest edge.
  • Over 7,500 tracks on 108 CDs + updates
  • Long-form themes + :60s, :30s, :10s
  • Available in 3 sizes with an Annual License

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  • World Sounds production music

    The World Sounds Library
    Authentic international production music themes representing Native America, Africa, France, Germany, China, and 30 other nations/cultures! Also included are contemporary, world eclectic themes.
  • 134 music tracks on 2 CDs
  • Long-form themes + :60s, :30s, :10s
  • Available with a Lifetime License

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  • AV/Video Series 200 music library

    AV/Video SERIES 200 Library
    The most production music variety at the best price! Full-service range for video, multi-media, or broadcast production. Corporate, soft-to-hot rock, techno, urban, jazz, country, holiday, historical, and more!
  • Over 1,900 music tracks on 36 CDs
  • Long-form themes + :60s, :30s, :10s
  • Available with an Annual License, or Lifetime License.

  • Weddings and Reflections production music

    Weddings and Reflections
    A fantastic royalty-free music library for wedding videos and family videos. Big library sound (recorded by a top NYC music studio with live instruments).
  • 61 music tracks on 2 CDs
  • Mostly long-form themes, some edit vers.
  • Available with a Lifetime License

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