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Music Library List
Broadcast production music Production Music Libraries: Broadcast Focus
The following production music collections are recommended for radio, TV, and cablecast production. Music expressly designed for broadcast spots and promos and news and information. Lots of 60s, 30s, 15s, 10s plus production elements.

4M Library on 180 CDs   Metro   Music Street   MSE Edition  
Series 100   Tune Ranch   Production Elements  

Video/Film Focus     All Music Libraries     Sound Effects
Music Library Description

4M Music Library on 100 CDs

4M Libraries
If you're looking for lots of true variety, fresh current sounds, and a powerful range of styles in a full-service production music library, check out our 4M Library line-up on 180 CDs. Featuring the combined catalog of the Metro, Manchester, Music Street, and MSE libraries, 4M
  • Over 12,500 tracks on 180 CDs+
  • Long-form themes, underscores, :60s, :30s, :10s
  • Available with a Annual License.

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  • Metro Music Catalog

    The Metro Music Library
    In a word, METRO is - hot! World-class, network-broadcast quality; a unique no-holds barred approach for a unique, infectious sound. Growing full-service catalog covers everything from orchestral to the hottest edge.
  • Over 8,000 tracks on 111 CDs + updates
  • Long-form themes + :60s, :30s, :10s
  • Available in 3 sizes with an Annual License

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  • Music Street  Library

    The Music Street Library
    Lots of punch, character, and energy in this compact but premium-quality production music library with an emphasis on contemporary edge and adult contemporary beds performed by top Nashville and L.A. live players. Designed primarily for broadcast spot and promo production.
  • Over 1,000 tracks on 16 CDs (all :60s, :30s, :10s)
  • Available with an Annual License, or Lifetime License.

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  • MSE Production Music Library

    The MSE Production Library
    Hot-to-cool retail and promo beds recorded by "first-call" NY instrumentalists. A must-have library for broadcast producers who need lots of highly usable variety for ear-grabbing audio creations.
  • 428 tracks - 7 CDs (all :60s, :30s, :10s)
  • Available with an Annual License, or Lifetime License.

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  • Broadcast Series 100 Music Library

    Broadcast Series 100 Library
    A "ton" of broadcast :60s and :30s (over 2,000 tracks) on 22 jam-packed, user-friendly CDs. 100s of advertiser categories, plus specialty, news, stingers, holiday, and more. Outstanding variety, great price.
  • 2,049 tracks - 22 CDs (all :60s, ;30s, :10s)
  • Available with a Lifetime License

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  • Tune Ranch Library

    Tune Ranch Production Music
    Incredible variety and lots of live instruments in a compact buy-out production library. Designed for radio-tv retail spots and promos. Nearly 300 different compositions! A great value for broadcasters.
  • 766 tracks - 10 CDs (all :60s, :30s, :10s)
  • Available with a Lifetime License

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  • Air  Assault  Elements

    Air Assault and Stinger Tracks
    Hundreds of versatile production elements and creative sounds for broadcast imaging or audio for video sweetning. Includes: Air Assault I, PowerDisc, Stinger Tracks I and II.
  • 662 cuts on 4 CDs (:01 to :60)
  • Available with a Lifetime License

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