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Hi quality produciton music
Production music for educators

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Hi-Quality Royalty Free Production Music for Educators
We've been privileged to provide hundreds of educators nationwide with high quality yet affordably priced production music and sound effects for use in instructional technology, including video production, campus radio and tv, and multi-media.

Music and EFX solutions for budget!
Whether you're starting a new department and need a comprehensive sound library resource (up to 100 CDs or more), or want to target a specific need with limited budget (1 to 10 CDs), we've got you covered!

Cost-effective Royalty-Free License
All CDs and libraries listed below include a royalty-free license . Pay once and use forever!

Mini Library Specials - starting at just $155 ea.
Our popular "mini-libraries" for educators feature 1-3 CDs each and focus on highly targeted music styles and applications. Choose from a dozen different packages!

     Job-Specific Production Music "Mini-Libraries" ($169 - $269)
     Choose from: News, Sports, Positive People, Success, Drama

     High Energy and Edgy "Mini-Libraries" ($179 - $269)
     Choose from: Urban, Rock, Techno, or Xtreme

     Classic & Cool Genres "Mini-Libraries" ($225 - $249)
     Choose from: Classical, New Age, Jazz

     Stingers, EFX, & Elements ($69 - $199)

     Sound Effect Libraries ($119 - $1,295)

Variety Mix library

Variety Mix (10 CDs) - starting at $395
If you need a little of everything but want maximum value, check out our cost-effective and versatile Variety Mix Library featuring over 800 cuts of production music and efx on 10 CDs.

Master Series production music and efx libraries

Master Series 3000 (50 CDs) - starting at $1,995
Expand your music selection with this powerful collection of genres and styles covering the needs of most producers. Also includes stinger production elements and real world sound effects. A total of over 3,000 tracks on 50 CD volumes.

Master Series 7000 (100 CDs) - starting at $3,995
Maximize your creative potential and bring your productions to life with music for every subject, mood, and tempo! From classical and historical to all flavors of contemporary edge, plus news themes, worldbeat, drama, underscores, and much more! Over 7,000 tracks of production music and efx on 50 CD volumes.

ORDER INFO: We gladly accept Purchase Orders from recognized educational institutions. For fastest service, FAX your P.O. to:

Purchase Order FAX LINE: 1-210-530-5230
All orders are shipped within 24 hrs. of receipt or the next business day monday-friday. You will receive a phone and/or e-mail confirmation of your order.

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To order, or for more information
USA:   1-800-247-5317
INTL:  210-530-5200
FAX:   210-530-5230

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