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Stingers and Production Elements
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    Stingers and Elements  

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    production elements Attention-getting stingers and elements
    Great for intros, transitions, bumpers, closers Add sizzle with stingers and hi-impact production elements! Grab attention and enhance your productions with over 500 brilliant stingers, sweepers, sparkles, swells, splashes, splaters, swirls, richochets, lazers, zips, bursts, crashes, hits, flybys, ascents and descents, bumpers, percussive elements, guitar parts, phone parts, and tons more!

  • Over 652 production elements on 4 audio CDs
  • Educator Price $199
  • Item #: EDU-STG-03 (3 CD set)
  • CD Volume
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    Demo & Content
    "Air Assault, The CD" - PG 301
    hear sample
    "PowerDisc" - GMI-001
    hear sample
    "Stinger Tracks I" - PG 106
    hear sample
    "Stinger Tracks II" - PG 107
    hear sample
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