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Production music for educators
Variety Mix Music Library (10 CDs)
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    A Production Music MIX selected especially for Educators
    We've selected nine popular production music CDs from two separate music library catalogs and added a CD of hi quality sound effects. This 10 CD VARIETY MIX gives you a versatile range of music covering these key categories:

  • Fresh, current styles and contemporary edge
  • Positive, upbeat motivational themes
  • Jazz, Pop, and Fusion
  • Rock variety
  • Specialty (comedy, drama, scenes)
  • Broadcast spot/multimedia themes (:60s, :30s)
  • Long-form video/film themes (2-4 min.)
  • Total of 178 different themes / 555 music tracks

  • Real World Sound Effects
    Also included is a disc featuring over 300 real-world sound effects: auto, animals, office, human sounds, nature, sports, comedy cues, crowds, telephones and loads more. All together in one easy-to-use and very affordable resource is everything you need to bring your productions to life with attention-getting music and sound!

    Variety MIX Library content summary:
  • 178 different music compositions
  • 555 total music tracks on 9 CDs
  • 6 CDs feature long-form themes (2-3 min.) plus :60s, :30s, :10s
  • 2 CDs feature CDs are loaded with :60s, :30s, :10s
  • 1 CD features over 300 hi-quality sound effects
  • College or District: $495
  • High/Middle/Elementary School: $395
  • Item #: EDU-VMX 010 (10 CD)

    Listen to each CD in the "Educator Variety Mix":
  • CD
    "Drive to Succeed" (PG CD 229)
    "Life is Good" (PG CD 226)
    "River of Guitars" (PG CD 225)
    "Off The Wall" (PG CD 213)
    "Innovation 2000" (PG CD 203)
    "Images" (PG 210)
    "Groove Highway" (MSL 013)
    "Olympic View" (MSL 011)
    "SFX-1" (SI SFX-1, 300 sound effects)
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