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   MSL 016: Fun Zone action promo and retail
   MSL 015: Imagination Place sparkling, creative directions
   MSL 014: Up Street positive, festive, upbeat retail and promo
   MSL 013: Groove Highway infectious, edgy energy
   MSL 012: Funky Bluesy Street soulful, pop-funk, light blues
   MSL 011: Olympic View fanfares, anthems, sports
   MSL 010: Comedy Court novelty, comedy, and light adventure
   MSL 009: Bright Retail Center hot-to-cool spot retail
   MSL 008: Dance, Worldbeat Path tribal, dance, techno
   MSL 007: News Place broadcast news themes
   MSL 006: Promo Place drummy, pop-rock action
   MSL 005: New Guitar Highway lite rock and alternative
   MSL 004: Adult Contemporary Ave lite rock and pop-fusion
   MSL 003: Jazz Urban Boulevard smooth jazz, light urban
   MSL 002: Country Road hot and classic Country
   MSL 001: Rock Lane all American Rock
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