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your choice music library licensing Annual Blanket License vs. Royalty Free Buyout Music License
Which type of production music license is best for you? Below is a quick comparison of the two types of music CDs and libraries we offer. Depending on the amount of music variety you need, available budget, frequency of usage, and other issues, there are advantages to each.
Annual License   (aka "Annual Blanket" or "Lease")
-- grants an unlimited number of synchronization usages for a 12-month period
-- is the most flexible option for changing needs and keeping your library fresh
-- usually gives you more CDs and total music range for your budget
-- minimum one year term . . . or up to a five year license period
-- productions completed during year are covered for life
-- includes free CD updates or swap options
-- available in a range of 10 to 250 CDs

Lifetime License   (aka "Buyout Music" or "Royalty-Free Music")
-- grants an unlimited number of synchronization usages for a lifetime period
-- allows you to keep CDs and always have music available to your clients
-- preferred license method for clients who want to build a library they own
-- does not require annual renewals or "needle-drop" fees/reports
-- includes discounts on future purchases to freshen up as desired
-- available in a range of 1 to 115 CDs

Here are our Production Music Libraries - listed by type of license available:
Click on any library to go to its full catalog and demo samples
Format License Available
4M Library on 172 CDs
Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s Annual Blanket License
Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s Annual Blanket License
Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s Annual OR Royalty Free
Music Street
:60s, :30s, :10s Annual OR Royalty Free
:60s, :30s, :10s Annual OR Royalty Free
Series 100
:60s, :30s, :10s Annual OR Royalty Free
Series 200
Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s Annual OR Royalty Free
Tune Ranch
:60s, :30s, :10s Royalty Free
World Sounds
Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s Royalty Free
Air Assault
Elements (:01 - :60) Royalty Free
Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s Royalty Free
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