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Royalty Free, Buyout Music Choices Royalty Free, Buyout Music License:

  • FAQs about this type of music usage license
  • Libraries Available with a Royalty Free License
  • Q:   What is a "Lifetime Blanket" License, aka: "Buyout" or "Royalty Free" License?
    A:  This type of license is sometimes referred to as a "Lifetime Blanket License" because unlike an "annual blanket license," it grants the licensee usage rights for a lifetime period of 99 years.

    It's also sometimes referred to a "Buyout License" because it is not a year to year lease, or needle-drop (per usage) license, but rather a one-time purchase for such lifetime usage rights.

    And it's sometimes referred to as a "Royalty Free license" because the licensee is "Free" from additional royalties or license fees such as renewable annual fees or needle-drop (per usage) charges.

    This type of license grants to a single-user, non-exclusive right to synchronize music themes as often as desired for a lifetime period of 99-years.

  • By contrast, an "Annual Blanket" license grants the same type of "blanket" coverage (unlimited synchronizations) but only for the annual term of the license (can be renewed from year to year).
  • By contrast, A "Per Usage" license grants coverage on a "pay-as-you-go" basis for each music theme used and each production created.
  • Q:   What's the benefit of a "Royalty Free, Buyout" vs. an "Annual Blanket License"
    A-1:   CONVENIENCE: With a royalty free/buyout license, you don't have to worry about filling out usage forms or renewing an annual license. One transaction and you're covered for unlimited future usage.

    A-2:   COST-EFFECTIVENESS: Over time, a lifetime buy out license obviously can save you money vs. a recurring annual license fee (or per usage needle-drop fees). This is especially true for producers creating a significant volume of productions over the years.

    A-3: ARCHIVAL BENEFITS: Music themes will always be on hand for future usage. When clients return asking for that favorite theme, you'll have it. Project revisions are easier since you don't have to worry about replacing a theme which otherwise may no longer be under license.

    A-4: ANNUAL HEDGE AGAINST BUDGET CHANGES: Sometimes producers find themselves having to reduce or even return a library because their budget has been slashed or cut. Having a library with a lifetime blanket license insures that you'll always have music available.

    Q: Does "lifetime blanket" (aka "buy-out" or "royalty free") mean I own the music?
    A:   What you are "buying-out" is not the MUSIC itself, but a lifetime LICENSE granting you the rights to synchronize the music in your productions without having to pay any future "per usage" or "annual" licensing fees.
  • The underlying copyright is still retained by the production music library owner/publisher. The individual music themes and recordings may never be copied or transferred for the purpose of resale or distribution themselves unless a special mechanical reproduction license is obtained.
  • It's the same basic principle as with software or other types of content such as clip-art or royalty-free photographs, in which case your purchase of a disc gives a single-user the right to use software/art/photos as often as you like on your computer/workstation or incorporate elements as desired into your creations or productions. The underlying product copyright is retained by its original owner.

  • Q:   Does the Production Garden "Royalty Free" license include performance rights?
    A:   No, our standard lifetime blanket/royalty-free license is a SYNCHRONIZATION-only license. You must obtain performance rights separately from us, or make sure that a license is in place from a performance rights organization. Most radio and television stations have such a license in place, but a small percentage of broadcasters do not and thus require program and content providers to clear performance rights separately.

    Q:   Do I get CD updates with a "Royalty Free Music" license?
    A:   CD updates are typically not included with this type of license. However you are entitled to receive a special customer discount on future purchases including new CD releases. Additionally, we do have special "lease-to-own" plans which include updates for a period of time.

    Q: What is the cost of a Royalty Free Music/Buyout Music License?
    A:   For our standard license coverage, the price averages between $95 -$150 per CD for your choice of an single CD volume. Price breaks begin at 3 CDs and continue for a full library set ($50 - $95 ea.)

    For more information on rates, just go to any music library page, then click on "Rates & Options."

    If you would like a specific quote, please call or email:
    Contact us at: 1-800-247-5317

    Q: Is there a Minimum Order?
    A:   No, for all libraries in the list below, there is no minimum order; you can purchase anything from 1 CD and up (with the exception of "Worldsounds" which is a double CD packaged set).

    Q: Can I Mix and Match CDs?
    A:   Yes. This is a great feature we offer which lets you tap into each library and select the CDs you like best, resulting in a highly customized package with great and true variety.y

    Q: What type of usage is covered in lifetime blanket license?
    A:   Our "standard" license covers the needs of most producers and includes:

  • A non-exclusive, single-user synchronization license authorizing an unlimited number of music synchronizations for usage in audio/video/multimedia, broadcast or web usage limited as follows:
  • Usage in non-broadcast "free distribution" productions such as corporate training or product demonstration video or multi-media
  • Usage in Local market radio or TV broadcast or cablecast
  • Usage on the web as background or streaming productions (but not commercial downloads for sale)
  • NOT INCLUDED IN THE STANDARD LICENSE LEVEL, BUT ALSO AVAILABLE: National or International broadcast rights, theatrical rights, direct performance rights, mechanical rights, or usage in products for resale distribution (such as home video or DVD). For information on any of these or special license requirements, please call or email:
    Contact us at: 1-800-247-5317

  • Customer comments regarding "Buy-Out" licensing . . .
  • "I don't want to keep paying for a library every year and never owning anything, I much prefer a buy-out"
  • "This year we have the budget; next year we might not. A buy-out library we can keep."
  • "A buy-out means no worries, no hassles, no renewals to deal with"
  • "I don't really need a large library. The Garden's buy-out policy lets me select the discs I want. I build up a library as I have need and budget available."
  • "We're a government office and a buy-out license just works better. We can't sign lease agreements."
  • "We've done both lease and buy-out. In Radio we crank a lot of production and sometimes clients come back a year later and want the same theme, so generally the buy-out works better"

  • Our libraries available with a "Lifetime Blanket" License:
    Click on any library to go to its full catalog and demo samples

    Format Totals
    Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s Over 2,000 tracks on31 CDs
    Series 200
    Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s Over 1,600 tracks on 32 CDs
    World Sounds
    Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s 112 cuts on 2 CDs
    Classical Masterworks
    Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s 122 cuts on 2 CDs
    Music Street
    :60s, :30s, :10s Over 1,000 cuts on 16 CDs
    :60s, :30s, :10s 428 cuts on 7 CDs
    Series 100
    :60s, :30s, :10s 2.049 cuts on 22 CDs
    Tune Ranch
    :60s, :30s, :10s 766 cuts on 10 CDs
    Air Assault
    Production Elements (:01 - :60) 652 cuts on 4 CDs
    Long-form + :60s, :30s, :10s 61 cuts on 2 CDs
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